2014 Retreat with Lama Choedak at Gumburu

Another great Three Day Calm Abiding Meditation Retreat which included Vajrasattva Practice. Vajrasattva, through visualization and mantra, purifies negative karma.

The surroundings were peaceful, the weather cool with  afternoon mist, the food delicious (thanks to Janette, Gumburu’s Chef) and the Teachings, what can you say? Insightful, amazing, delivered with clarity and humour – you had to be there!

19 students attended with a mixture of new and seasoned students, or what Lama Choedak jokingly calls, ‘Repeat Offenders.’

Lama talked about retreating from wrong views and perceptions, retreating from addiction to ego and being free from the inner shackles of ignorance as well as retreating from procrastination, lack of structure and discipline.

Lama spoke about  our perceptions of a person. He said it’s as though we put a veil over the other, the veil being our own thoughts, we don’t see the other clearly.

He reminded us of the First Seal of Dharma, that our suffering comes not from the other person, but our wrong view of the other and our own afflictions.

This tags on to the concept of emptiness which Lama spoke about last year.

etreat Car 030As always, Lama covered a wised range of topics, including the Buddhist concept mindfulness ‘piloted’ by The Four Seals of Dharma, compared to  secular mindfulness which is not necessarily using the Four Seals as a guide. Even weapons, he said can be produced mindfully but of course, not made in relation to the Four Seals.

Numerous students said the mix of Calm Abiding and Vajrasattva was powerful and they were more than glad they came to the retreat.

Next year’s Three Day Retreat is set for 4 – 7 September, put it in your diary, put a note on the fridge, let the boss know you’ll be taking Monday 7th September off!

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Here’s some thoughts about the retreat from Megan who hails from Canada:
“Thanks for the great weekend full of learning and enlightenment, Tharlam Ling.  The
food was fantastic, the location was serene and the people were amazing.  A true eye
opener.  I will definitely be a ‘repeat offender’!”

Take care,


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Photos of Gumburu, where 2014 Calm Abiding Retreat will be held.


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Calm Abiding and Vajrasattva Meditation Retreat

Lama Choedak

Calm abiding meditation is the most fundamental of all Buddhist meditation practices. Using the tool of mindfulness one learns to bring a sense of stability and clarity to the mind. An increase in emotional stability and a decrease in mental confusion will help negotiate more helpful responses when confronted with life problems. Meditation is ultimately about experiencing the opening up of our heart and mind to compassion and to wisdom. In this year’s retreat  Lama Choedak Rinpoche will also be giving teaching on, and transmission for, the practice of Vajrasattva meditation.

How to Change Your Karma through Vajrasattva Meditation

Karma is an understanding of the workings of the law of cause and effect of what one does. Karma is not destiny or fate. It is not what happens to us but rather what one can do to change situations by consciously knowing how to adopt some and how to reject other conducts. There are certain signs of karmic patterns that can be modified and changed through a prescribed meditative technique known as Vajrasattva (diamond being). In this special workshop, one will receive the transmission and knowledge how to use this profound Tibetan Buddhist meditation technique which is used daily by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Friday 5 September 2014, 6pm
Monday 8 September 2014, 2pm 

Venue and Cost

  • Gumburu Environment Education Center ~ Paluma, Mt Spec
  • Heated dormitory accommodation
  • Vegetarian meals (includes dinner on Friday evening & lunch on Monday)

$480.00 Regular or $430.00 Concession/Tharlam members

$30.00 Early Bird discount for payment before 21st August

For registration and details, please contact Phil:

Tel ~ 0499 026 184 or email ~ pheang@bigpond.net.au 

Organised by Tharlam Ling Buddhist Centre Inc.  www.sakya.com.au/townsville

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Three Day Calm Abiding and Vajrasattva Residential Retreat, Mt Spec, via Townsville

Tibetan Buddhist teacher, Lama Choedak, will conduct a three day Calm Abiding Meditation and Vajrasattva Retreat at Gumburu Education Centre, Mt Spec, 80 km north of Townsville.

Friday evening 5th September – Monday afternoon 8th September.

Accommodation is heated dormitories (Mt Spec is 1000m above sea level.)

All meals supplied  – Delicious vegetarian food.

Calm Abiding Meditation covers mindfulness of body, feeling and thought. Lama Choedak designed this course and has taught it to many students over the past 25 years.

Vajrasattva Practice is a Buddhist cleansing practice to rid the body and mind of illnesses.

People of all faiths are welcome.

Cost of Retreat: TBA soon

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Introduction to Calm Abiding Meditation

The next Introduction to Calm Abiding Meditation course starts Tuesday 15 July at 6 pm to 7:10 pm.

This is an eight week course, all welcome.

The course covers sitting posture, meditative breathing and mindfulness of thought.

Cushions/chairs provided.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing.

Cost is $5 per lesson.

Venue: JCU Chaplaincy Room De001,  building 131, on JCU Campus map.


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Weekend of Buddhist Teachings and Practices with Lama Choedak, 9-11 May

Public Talk, 7:00pm Friday 9th May

“Dealing with Anxiety and Depression”

Day of teachings, 9:00am to 4:00pm and 7:00pm to 9:00pm, Saturday 10th May

“The Six Paramitas: Transcendental Practices”

BUDDHISM AND PSYCHOLOGY OF THE SIX PARAMITAS: The six paramitas are the most comprehensive, useful and logical Buddhist practices and have a great appeal to people of all walks of life: an engagement to cultivate and practice the six perfections of (1) generosity, (2) ethical discipline, (3) patience,  (4) joyous effort,  (5) meditative concentration and (6) wisdom.

Most people are trying to live their lives unconsciously by their own paramitas. Love, generosity, commitment, tolerance and selflessness are some of the fundamental human values shared by many. The six paramitas are mentioned in all Buddhist texts so it is crucial to hear direct, precise oral teachings on the practice. The main gist of paramita teachings is not just giving with love but learning how to practice them unbounded by ego grasping.  The teaching on six paramitas offers a glimpse of the important contribution of positive psychology.

Day of teachings, 9:00am to 3:30pm Sunday 11th May

“Clear Light Meditation”

The intrinsic nature of the mind is luminosity. One may experience it in formal meditation. Meditation is taught to dawn the clarity of one’s mind to witness the adventitiousness of the darkness of wrong thoughts, emotions, perceptions and views of life. This can be accessed with the accelerated use of pure awareness in everyday activities. Mind is like a clear pool in which everything is reflected as it is and then one realizes that everything is in fact clear light. Brief Clear Light is also experienced at the time of death, during climax, the selfless loving state of mind and induced awareness.  But it requires training to accentuate this, to sharpen and brighten one’s mind, thoughts and perceptions.

In this special teaching, Lama Choedak Rinpoche will offer a dynamic practice that people from all walks of life can do within a few minutes at a time. How to Dawn Clear Light Meditation is an induced meditation. There is no truly existent obscuration when the mind is tuned into its fundamental luminosity. Rinpoche will conduct the meditation through his own experience of Clear Light and facilitate the practitioner to experience the same.

Recording is strictly prohibited as this is an experiential meditation of Clear Light.


Carville Seniors Hall, Cnr Diprose & Albury St. Pimlico, 4812
Morning tea will be provided, but please bring your own lunch.


  • Single Evening talks: $15/$10.00 concession/members – no registration necessary
  • Single Saturday or Sunday (includes Friday/ Saturday evenings): 80/$70.00 concession/members – please register
  • Full weekend (Friday to Sunday): $160/$140.00 concession/members – please register


Please download and submit this form.

More information

Phil: 04 9902 6184 Email: pheang@bigpond.net.au

Download flyer with venue and organisational details (as above) or workshop topics outline.

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