Weekend of Buddhist Teachings and Practices with Lama Choedak, 9-11 May

Public Talk, 7:00pm Friday 9th May

“Dealing with Anxiety and Depression”

Day of teachings, 9:00am to 4:00pm and 7:00pm to 9:00pm, Saturday 10th May

“The Six Paramitas: Transcendental Practices”

BUDDHISM AND PSYCHOLOGY OF THE SIX PARAMITAS: The six paramitas are the most comprehensive, useful and logical Buddhist practices and have a great appeal to people of all walks of life: an engagement to cultivate and practice the six perfections of (1) generosity, (2) ethical discipline, (3) patience,  (4) joyous effort,  (5) meditative concentration and (6) wisdom.

Most people are trying to live their lives unconsciously by their own paramitas. Love, generosity, commitment, tolerance and selflessness are some of the fundamental human values shared by many. The six paramitas are mentioned in all Buddhist texts so it is crucial to hear direct, precise oral teachings on the practice. The main gist of paramita teachings is not just giving with love but learning how to practice them unbounded by ego grasping.  The teaching on six paramitas offers a glimpse of the important contribution of positive psychology.

Day of teachings, 9:00am to 3:30pm Sunday 11th May

“Clear Light Meditation”

The intrinsic nature of the mind is luminosity. One may experience it in formal meditation. Meditation is taught to dawn the clarity of one’s mind to witness the adventitiousness of the darkness of wrong thoughts, emotions, perceptions and views of life. This can be accessed with the accelerated use of pure awareness in everyday activities. Mind is like a clear pool in which everything is reflected as it is and then one realizes that everything is in fact clear light. Brief Clear Light is also experienced at the time of death, during climax, the selfless loving state of mind and induced awareness.  But it requires training to accentuate this, to sharpen and brighten one’s mind, thoughts and perceptions.

In this special teaching, Lama Choedak Rinpoche will offer a dynamic practice that people from all walks of life can do within a few minutes at a time. How to Dawn Clear Light Meditation is an induced meditation. There is no truly existent obscuration when the mind is tuned into its fundamental luminosity. Rinpoche will conduct the meditation through his own experience of Clear Light and facilitate the practitioner to experience the same.

Recording is strictly prohibited as this is an experiential meditation of Clear Light.


Carville Seniors Hall, Cnr Diprose & Albury St. Pimlico, 4812
Morning tea will be provided, but please bring your own lunch.


  • Single Evening talks: $15/$10.00 concession/members – no registration necessary
  • Single Saturday or Sunday (includes Friday/ Saturday evenings): 80/$70.00 concession/members – please register
  • Full weekend (Friday to Sunday): $160/$140.00 concession/members – please register


Please download and submit this form.

More information

Phil: 04 9902 6184 Email: pheang@bigpond.net.au

Download flyer with venue and organisational details (as above) or workshop topics outline.

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Tharlam Ling AGM

As an incorporated association, Tharlam Ling is required to hold an Annual General Meeting. All members are accordingly invited to come along to the JCU Chaplaincy, on Tuesday April 15 for a short meeting at 8.00 p.m., i.e. immediately after our regular meditation session.

As usual, everyone is welcome but only current (2014-15) members may become office bearers, or vote in the election or on motions.

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Membership of Tharlam Ling

At this time of year we ask current members of Tharlam Ling Buddhist Centre to renew their memberships for the coming year and invite new members to join us. To renew (by 31st March, please) or join, please download the membership form (pdf), complete it and submit it to the Secretary.

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Calm Abiding Meditation course

Our first introductory Calm Abiding Meditation course for 2014 begins on Tuesday 4th March. Everyone is welcome, even a few weeks into the course. It helps us if you register your interest by emailing Phil through the Contact page here, but simply turning up on the evening is okay, too.

The classes run from 6.00 pm to 7.10 pm over eight Tuesday evenings to finish at the end of April. The location is the JCU multi-faith chaplaincy and the cost is $5.00 minimum donation per week.

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Tharlam Ling in 2014

Plans for our Buddhist meditation workshops in Townsville 2014 are gradually coming together.

The dates of our first 8-week Introductory course for the year will be announced soon, and we already know that our 2014 non-residential Teachings with Lama Choedak will be held from 9 – 11th May and the residential workshop will be from 5 – 8th Sept, although topics for them are yet to be announced.

More information will be released here as soon as it is known.

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Meeting times – December 2013 onwards

We meet at the JCU multi-faith chaplaincy, Townsville, on Tuesday evenings.

7.00 – 8.00 pm Group meditation and Dharma discussion Every Tuesday until the end of February. The time will change to 7.15 as from March 4 when our next beginners’ class starts, to allow a change-over time between groups.

Everyone is welcome but these sessions are most suitable for those who have completed the Calm Abiding Meditation Introductory course or have some other prior experience of meditation. Newcomers to the group can register their interest or ask for more information by emailing Phil through the Contact page here, but simply turning up on the evening is okay, too. We ask for a $5.00 minimum donation per week.

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